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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Love Story: Romeo of the ranch

Hello everybody

Last Sunday I watched snow falling down in my front yard, covering everything with it's pure whiteness; seven days later, temperature is (yet again) bounced way up. I say: this climate has decided to confuse everyone. :)

Best way to tackle the wacky weather is with a good mood
and a great mood-booster is a love story.
Let's head out to rodeo!

Here's the truth: you all know I'm the first one to fight for second chances - but, somehow Diana Morrison fails in my eyes. I felt like she's given Tex way too much hurt and shame; and not every gal deserves to be cowboy's bride. :)
Enjoy Sunday!

Friday, 29 January 2016

Say, let's see how Dolores Del Rio entertains...

Hello everyone

Happy Friday.
Come end of the week, I start writing down all the things that need to be done over the weekend; usually time-consuming tasks like washing, cleaning.. but every now and then I like to plan out some entertainment. You never know, you might need to throw a party and have no time to do so properly, only some speed-style ideas - having something like this (a "pre-packaged" plan done by a vintage celebrity) may come in handy.

Let's take a look.

Fine, I admit it: sweetbreads are not everybody's choice of luncheon food (or ANY food - mind me, I'm a butcher's grand-kid, I've grown up eating the stuff), but the soup and strawberry sweets are appealing.
For some, and obviously back then, this was a menu for a luncheon, but in this day and age, I say this could easily be a fine light lunch, quite the step-away from barbecue and grill. :)
Have a great week's end!

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Burda Wednesday: November 1958, part III

Hello everybody

Here's a bit of history:
1950s fashion was regulated by three C’s – code, conformity and consumerism. Emphasis was on practical but attractive house-dresses, not only for household chores but suitable for quick errands or daytime running.

For all of you out there
who long for some winter-magic...
here's an issue that features fur, mittens and heavy coats!

they look like elfs to me. :)

..and then they added a bow
and made everything stunning 

Shapeless coats.

Heavy coats, leather gloves,
fur collars (mind me: make that fur a FAKE one, please)
and light but sturdy shoes. 

Kids looking less like a small adults.

... and a slow beginning of a teenager!

Great looking omelette;
a way to impress gussets while cooking on a budget.

Sleek and simple rings
(just what I prefer)

A love story - what a cover-image!

Advertisement for your hand-work:
"Yes, this dress was made with Orion"

That kid has an amazing gloves!

For a great shape
one must have shape-wear.

I have nothing to say on
lady-with-pineapple-head :)

Zone out, with Telefunken..
the birth of TV, a friend of mine,
whom I grew up with. :)

Oh, yes.. ever wonder who to "blame" for a shift in shape?
It's Balenciaga He was influential and in the mid-1950s he created flawlessly cut clothing with loose, stand-away backs with fitted fronts and shorter sleeves. He introduced the sack dress, a shapeless shift, which was far removed from the hourglass silhouette that had endured for a decade.
About sacks - you love them or you don't... you brave them out, or you stay away. Sack-dresses are those pieces of clothing that cause opposite opinions.
For some reason, lately - I chose to brave them, wear them and.. like them.
Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Dog oddities, part two

Hello everybody.

There’s broad agreement among animal professionals and the general public that people should treat their animals humanely.
Back to history...
In the 1950s there existed two very distinctive factions with polar opposite positions regarding research with animals: they were two paths, both with their strong points.
On one side were investigators who felt they had a right to experiment with animals in any way they chose, without interference or requirements concerning how the animals were treated. On the other side were anti-vivisectionists who felt that it was unethical for any research to be conducted with animals.

Humans have kept animals as pets since ancient times,
and more the time passed, more we got fascinated by them
no wonder there's more oddities
and here they are:

Today, at this very moment in our country, we cannot save them all. 
But, we can do our best:


It takes time, space and money.
They grow, they get moody, they may not "turn out" perfect in every way..
also, this dog is obviously NOT a "purebred"

..she couldn't care less..

and neither could I. :)

There are not enough adopters for the specific animals available, nor are there the medical resources, the transports from “high-kill” to “low-kill” areas, or the financial means to make that change today. But I do believe, with time, effort, education, and resources we can get much, much closer. 
And every day we get a little closer.
It's another "awareness" post on this blog.. we all have more to our lives than just loving vintage.
Have a great day!

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Love Story: A sailor's sweetheart

Hello everybody,

Every Sunday morning, I sit by my kitchen window and let my eyes set on the small front yard, as the rest of my body slowly gets in the "waking up" mode. Today, the yard is slowly getting covered with snow, and I'm smiling in content. The smile is not due to the picture of "winter idyllic" that is in front of me, but because I got ahead of it yesterday and now I'm grateful I had helping hands.
Yesterday, at this time of day, I was pondering on HOW in the world am I going to deal with the pile of fire-wood they brought on Friday and now lies in my back yard. Some of it was "manageable" by someone my size and constitution and I got to chop-them-up. Some were not, and I needed help.

Just after lunch, my phone rang; and the voices of folks I've helped back then, told me to get the teapot ready, and to unlock the front gate - since they are coming with their axes. :)

So, call me old-fashioned
but I still believe there's good in this world
and I still believe in romance
..let's take a look at another story:

I am sailing, I am sailing,
home again 'cross the sea.
I am sailing, stormy waters,
to be near you, to be free.

Rod Stewart said it right. 
I will not be sailing, but (by the looks of it) shoveling my way out of the house, to have a refreshing walk and get my healthy dose of coffee, news and local gossip.
Have a great Sunday!

Friday, 22 January 2016

Strictly personal - few hints on grooming.

Hello everybody

To achieve an elegant look, one has to value personal grooming, because it is all about presenting yourself in the best possible way, or to say: the best possible version of your natural self. :)
What is good grooming? It is knowing what to do and putting it into practice on a daily basis. Good grooming starts before you put on your clothing. Good grooming:
- means taking care of your hair, skin, face, hands and your total body.
- can lift your morale and help increase your self-esteem.
- means that you are taking care of yourself, and that is important.
Come to think of it: when it comes to personal grooming, not much has changed over time; since our bodies still function in the same way, our sweat-glands still produce the "material", our odor still needs maintenance, our hair and nails require regular up-keeping.

The way that you look and the way that you act determines what people think about you. 

If you wear wrinkled clothing people think that you do not care...

 ..but if you wear your smile like a crown, people think that you are pleasant.
(and make sure you're roots don't show) :)
Have a great day!