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Thursday, 30 October 2014

“Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together.”

Hello there.

Stunning title, right?
It's a quote by Marilyn Monroe.
Also, it's a clear and straight-forward way of solving our stress, frustration and anxiety. Might I just add one more item to the list: smile.
Because, there's nothing lovelier, appealing and more empowering than a women's red lips forming a smile.. :)

Living a life without color?!

Bright red?
Yes, please!

Here's just a few lines, just to get you started:
  • Powerful and wealthy Ancient Egyptians used lipsticks regularly. It is said that Cleopatra liked red lipstick.
  • Natural based lipsticks (colorful fruit and plant juices - one of them being: beetroot) were used by women since the prehistoric times.
  •  “Kiss of Death” is a term that is commonly associated with lipstick. It was coined because of the “femme fatale” phenomenon in fiction, but also because some ancient civilizations unknowingly used poisonous materials for making of lipstick.
  •  Some civilizations did not allow women to appear in public without extensive facial makeup. Japanese for example.
  • The most famous Actresses that popularized lipsticks were Greta Garbo, Joan Crawford, Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor.

One of the most important factors in the popularization of lipstick among women were early 20th century advances in photography and film. 

Let me introduce you to my collection:

What type of lipstick is right for you?

 Different types of lipsticks have different textures, allowing you to choose a variety of looks and finishes.
  •  Matte: For the boldest color, try a matte lipstick. Matte formulas leave a flat finish without shine, because its many pigments deflect light. It often lasts longer than shinier formulas, but it can easily dry out lips, so it isn't ideal for women with thin or wrinkled lips.
  •  Crème: Crème lipstick has the same intense color as matte lipstick, but with a little shine because it contains more wax. Although it protects the lips better than other finishes, it can still be dehydrating to some lips.
  •  Satin: If you have dry lips, satin lipstick is ideal because it contains more oils and moisturizers than other lipsticks, but the color doesn’t last as long.
  •  Sheer: Sheer lipstick gives a natural look, no matter how dark the shade appears in the tube. Because it contains more oils, it's a good choice for women with dry lips.
  •  Gloss: To give your lips some shine, try a gloss, either on its own or over a matte lipstick. Lip gloss usually comes in light shades with a sticky transparent finish because it contains more oils. The color doesn't last long and it needs to be reapplied frequently, but it’s very moisturizing to dry lips.
  •  Lip stains: A lip stain is essentially a colored liquid that goes on the lips to add a hint of color. Because they don't contain wax, lip stains are usually used with lip gloss and aren’t ideal for dry lips.
Lipstick has a long, colorful history that continues to evolve as color trends change over time. While following the latest celebrity trends and runway styles are great ways to stay on top of the latest lip looks, always embrace the shades that best represent your personality.

I look funny, I know, but this is me sending an XOXO
and sporting red lips

Are you wearing red lipstick every day, or is it something you do on a special occasion? Or, maybe, you have never worn red lippie? Let me know.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

BURDA Wednesday - March 1956, part I

Hello lovelies!

I like our Wednesdays together. It's a fine day, a bit more busy on the job part (but, as my parents like to remind me "better having a lot of work, than having no job"). Seeing these lovely, fashionable ladies at their best is a perfect way to wind-down.

Let me take you back to March 1956.

Putting a button-up to the side
changes entire outfit from simple to refreshing.

I suppose this is introduction to the new style:
chinese look for the summer.

Lovely form, bold print
combined with toned-down accessories

I love the matching of inner coat and the suit
Note the pale purple gloves.

They call it "the ensemble", and it used to consist of:
skir, blazer, coat and (sometines) waiscoat

Summer fashion!

Reminds me of the song 
"Lady in red, is dancing with me cheek-to-cheek"

"New collection features extended waist"
I'm sure there's a need for serious shape-wear
 in order to achieve this look

True to the title above, these ladie's wear now has
deep, long waistline - and it looks stunning

Stripes, yes.
Boring? Never.

Get ready for the summer,
get ready for spot.

Tennis is a big thing in my country,
I don't follow the sport (more of a cycling fan, myself);
but I would watch it the outfits changed back to this. :)

She has taken my breath away 
(you know I'm talking about the lady in red - again)
The entire look is sheer perfection!

Am I allowed to be envious
of a model from days gone by.. and her waist size?

"Practical shapes"
or, as we call it: Everyday Wear

Such a lovely color

"Practical raincoat
Chic leather jacket
plus the matching blouse"

The image in the upper right is so refreshing

Ideas for skirt.

"Sissy has a versatile use for the
polka dot dress"

Look at the bows :)

New era for the shirt dress.

Nightwear for the girls

There's a great deal of ideas around us. And, it is our choice weather to see them, and not. We are, every day, surrounded by the images that may bring the smile to our faces. We just need to let them in.. and enjoy the happy time.
I'm bursting with optimism - I wish the same to you.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Shake it up, and what comes out is...


I'm coming out as a snob.

So what is my snobbery?
Simply that: 
  • I really, really don’t want bleached-out jeans, fluffy or baggy trainers, T-shirts printed with not-so-catchy phrases and  leggings as a part of my work attire. 
  • Also, I fail to accept that one can willingly come to work wearing "just woke up" face, all mapped-out by the pillow marks. Waking up early s no excuse to be seen like you're still asleep.
  • Ladies, please! At least brush your lovely hair; and lose the "nest" you're having on the top of it (we all have it, but some chose to ignore the morning brushing-out).
  • No matter how tasty and succulent that bite might be, no one really needs to hear it.. in the office next door 

...and I truly, honesty, with all my heart cheer for love - but, oh dear.. listening about the late night endeavors that ended with dashing out the window so his wife won't see you.. NOT something me (or anyone, as a matter of fact!) should listen.. in an office. Ever.

So, yes.. I've had quite a day.. and:

"Hello. My name is Marija.
...and I am a snob"

Jokes aside, I do like pretty things.
Have you spotted my adorable brooch?! You know something - you can find something similar. This one was given to me as a birthday gift, sent all the way from Canada, by my dear friend Jessica, from Chroncally Vintage. Do make sure to hop by her place at Etsy and you'll be amazed. Thank you ever so much (again), dear!

Quick note:
You do realize the post above was a joke? :)
...but, to every joke, there's a bit of truth. Yes, there are people who neglect themselves like that. There are women who don't bother to get ready (yes, she did jump out the window last night). And, yes - I do mind when they ask me why no one respects them.

Are you snobs like this, too?

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Love Story: Should I say "Yes"?

Hello to you all.

Rather a dreary Sunday morning over here, if I may say. It's cold, and wet. The air is filled with heavy autumnal aroma, the rain "lingers" in the clouds, the temperature has dropped significantly..
All of the above are perfect reasons to start off the day with a little bit of romantic boost. Not just that, my darling friends: in the following Sundays to come, we are gong to read the "Brides in love" magazine together and enjoy the stories it provides (no, dear cousin, if you're reading this: I am not married - it's just a magazine's name, not a hint)  :)

Are you ready?
.... set, go:

I hope I made the right choice with this story (and the ones to follow). It did gave me a little bit of goose-bumps on a first read - but the ending is so overwhelmingly lovely...
That's why I love our Sundays.

Have a magnificent day... and do tell me about it.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Social climbing, properly done.

Hey, hey...

I was imagining some situations of the days gone by, and started thinking about the changes that appeared in this past decades. I'm writing about us, the Women of the world; and our emancipation. It's an ongoing process, and yet: a very touchy subject.. since we seem to bounce up and down with what we would like to be perceived  versus what we offer to the one who perceives us.

So, yet again, I have reached out to Emily Post; and found the answer to my riddle in her book:  "Etiquette in society, in business, in politics and at home"

Social success 

In older days and until a comparatively short while ago, a young girl's social success was invariably measured by her popularity in a ballroom. It was the girl who had the most partners, who least frequently sat "against the wall," who carried home the greatest quantity of the baubles known as "favors," who was that evening's and usually the season's belle.

The day of the belle is past; beaux belong to the past too. To-day is the day of woman's equality with man, and if in proving her equality she has come down from a pedestal, her pedestal was perhaps a theatrical "property" at best and not to be compared for solid satisfaction with the level ground of the entirely real position she now occupies.

And since the day of femininity that is purely ornamental and utterly useless is gone by, it is the girl who does things well who finds life full of interests and of friends and of happiness. The old idea also has passed that measures a girl's popular success by the number of trousered figures around her. It is quality, not quantity, that counts; and the girl who surrounds herself with indiscriminate and possibly "cheap" youths does not excite the envy but the derision of beholders. To the highest type of young girl to-day it makes very little difference whether, in the inevitable "group" in which she is perpetually to be found, there are more men than girls or the opposite.
This does not mean that human nature has changed—scarcely! There always are and doubtless always will be any number of women to whom admiration and flirtation is the very breath of their nostrils, who love to parade a beau just as they love to parade a new dress. But the tendencies of the time do not encourage the flirtatious attitude. It is not considered a triumph to have many love affairs, but rather an evidence of stupidity and bad taste.

The no-no

Whispering is always rude. Whispering and giggling at the same time have no place in good society. Everything that shows lack of courtesy toward others is rude.

If you would be thought a person of refinement, don't nudge or pat or finger people. Don't hold hands or walk arm-about-waist in public. Never put your hand on a man, except in dancing and in taking his arm if he is usher at a wedding or your partner for dinner or supper. Don't allow anyone to paw you. Don't hang on anyone for support, and don't stand or walk with your chest held in, and your hips forward, in imitation of a reversed letter S.

Don't talk or laugh loud enough to attract attention, and on no account force yourself to laugh. Nothing is flatter than laughter that is lacking in mirth. If you only laugh because something is irresistibly funny, the chances are your laugh will be irresistible too. In the same way a smile should be spontaneous, because you feel happy and pleasant; nothing has less allure than a mechanical grimace, as though you were trying to imitate a tooth-paste advertisement.

Don't think that because you have a pretty face, you need neither brains nor manners. Don't think that you can be rude to anyone and escape being disliked for it.

Instead of depending upon beauty, upon sex-appeal, the young girl who is "the success of to-day" depends chiefly upon her actual character and disposition. It is not even so necessary to do something well as to refrain from doing things badly. If she is not good at sports, or games, or dancing, then she must find out what she is good at and do that! If she is good for nothing but to look in the glass and put rouge on her lips and powder her nose and pat her hair, life is going to be a pretty dreary affair. In other days beauty was worshiped for itself alone, and it has votaries of sorts to-day. But the best type of modern youth does not care for beauty, as his father did; in fact, he doesn't care a bit for it, if it has nothing to "go with it," any more than he cares for butter with no bread to spread it on. Beauty and wit, and heart, and other qualifications or attributes is another matter altogether.

A gift of more value than beauty, is charm, which in a measure is another word for sympathy, or the power to put yourself in the place of others; to be interested in whatever interests them, so as to be pleasing to them, if possible, but not to occupy your thoughts in futilely wondering what they think about you.

The final words:
Would you know the secret of popularity? It is unconsciousness of self, altruistic interest, and inward kindliness, outwardly expressed in good manners.

Emily Post seem to have done it again. In this chapter of her book (that I dared sharing with you) she has introduced us and/or reminded us of some issues we are to remember - next time I start turning a smirk into a loud giggle, I'll surely stop myself and consider the fact that, as funny as something might be - not everyone in the room needs to be stunned by my laugh.
(all the images in this post are from Pepsi Cola ads, and: yes, I did erased the gents from some of them, in order to emphasize the ladies)  :)
Was this an answer to any of your questions?
Do let me know...

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Me, lately....

Hello there!

I'm quite sure you've noticed my posting was a bit austere for some time (being honest: for the duration of the summer). 
  • Reason number one: the fact that the job got the best of my time, and I allowed myself to spread the my time unevenly, and squeeze out the time for writting.
  • Reason number two: as you may have noticed from my posts, is my cycling. I used every single free moment to ride under the sun. 
  • Reason number three: the little remaining time I had, I used to boost up my social activities: went to festivals, art shows, wisited friends much more often..

One good thing happened from all of that: I have managed to (drumrolls, please): get the "happy" level to the roof. My health and fitness are great, I have made one strong friendship, I got rid of some bad habbits in life.. so, I call this past time an absolute success.


Long time ago, back in late December 2013, we have all made our New Year's resolutions. Have you re-visited your posts about it; or have you re-read them from the pages you've writen them on - just to make sure you're on the right track? I have. And, I'm proud to say: I am. :)

I have managed to engage in quite some social activities; but there can always be more. 
The same goes for keeping up with my friend's activities.

I FAILED at managing stress. I have, and I admit it.
Coping with stress is a process, and it requires time. Slowly, I'm learning to accept certain things that upset me (things I can not control, therefore they should become one of those "let it be" issues in my life). 
Also, I have learned to ignore people. Sure, it sounds horrible, but it's a necessary skill when dealing with various agressive, subborn and just "plain wrong" folks. I nod my head, listen to their story, and continue with my day. THIS is a thing I've learned from "the old ways" - post on that coming soon!

As for backing up - I can say it saved me from a large amount of stress (my phone died, and I would have lost all data.. but, fortunately I do my regular data-backup). 

All that cycling did me well, my dear friends. 

Both, my health and my fitness have improved; and it's most noticable in the mirror: 
I am satisfied with the reflection.

I have kept myself busy these past few (rainy) days: I have done some sewing, touching-up some skirts. Hard as it may be - fitting garments is a MUST, especially for high-wasited skirts. They are hard to find in shops; young(er) girls prefer their skirts to dangle from their hips, and I prefer mine to fit me "like a glove". 
I was quite happy to find this one:

..and this is my outfit today:

Indeed, my hair color is lighter. :)

Not to forget, I'm still keeping the other place running. Make sure to stop by and get inspired by the Old Hollywood. 
Here's a glimpse of the issues the "Photoplay" magazine covers:

New pages are out every Tuesday and Thursday. There's plenty of amazing things to read, all the vintage stars are placed on the posters (for your taking).. 


And it's time to wrap this up.
I hope you'll read this, and get some inspiration from it. I will leave you with a thought I'm having for quite some time: